probably an eridan apologist


This is taking a while but hopefully it’s worth it. B)

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I feel the world!

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maybe ill change my theme

every theme i find is terrible

maybe ill change my theme

Ӝ nepeta

nepeta is demisexual or ace and biromantic probably agender i think???


Words of wisdom from PB.

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drew this last night and forgot to post it ah

ive only recently realized how fun terezi is to draw my whole life has been a lie ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

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Anonymous said:
an answer to ur url problem: side blogs. so many side blogs

well i have an eridan blog and a feelings blog like???? what else would i have????

i mean i kinda wanna start a porn blog but like???? the urls rnt suited 4 that

aikostuck said:
am I too late because Ӝ roxy

i like roxy as either binary trans girl or cis girl bc shes deff a girl to me and i see her as questioning her own sexuality uvu

Anonymous said:
If we reblog the binder post more do we have more of a change of winning?

yes you have until midnight

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aah I really love Eridan and Feferi

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magical girl Nicki

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