probably an eridan apologist
what is yr icon of?? ? ? ??

sollux getting smooched by walulgi's roxy



Hello everyone! I decided to open up commissions for compositions!

Basically, how it works is: you pay me money, I write you music for whatever your heart desires!!

The music can be based off anything and for anything. Your webcomic, your video game, your original character, your favorite character, whatever.

Prices are $10 for the first minute and $7 for each additional minute.

Examples of my music can be found here.

If you would like to commission me, either send me an ask or toss me an email at

Thank you!


 [60] by からば子

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i cant get over this shippppppppp augh

this one took some time mostly because of eridan *sigh sigh* nepeta turned out hella fine tho so thats good

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if i see one more of those posts that’s like “hold my fucking hand you stupid idiot bitch” with like 200,000 notes i’m deleting this website. that shit isn’t cute or romantic and if anyone spoke to me that way in real life i would punch them in the throat and drive myself home in their car. have higher standards please

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i really wanna hit on you but im so scared youre not gonna wanna hear it


I’m in magical lesbians with J5.

Cute Meduka ♥ ( ´ ▽ ` ) 

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already has her priorities sorted 

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get online so i can think about kissing you and buying you things and watching movies with you and holding your hand on the T and cosplaying with you but then actually just say something dumb like “what do mermaids use to talk to their long distance pals lol”

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tanks i kinda really need that rn

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♡   R E V E N G E   I S   S W E E T   ♡

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